The living entity in Transit

Yesterday while waiting for my connecting flight at Istanbul I decided to pen down a few thoughts and realizations. Initially I had hoped I’ll be able to upload my writing after I was done typing only to notice the wifi at the Airport wasn’t free even though open and “accessible”. After spending almost half an hour trying to connect to no avail I decided to write then upload later as soon as I had internet connection. A few things crossed my mind while I was there waiting; the time it took, the constant influx of people, the change of environment, the anticipation of passengers, the frustration of some passengers, the constant announcements, just to mention a few. In that moment some very interesting facts crossed my mind and I felt it would be nice to share. Just like the passengers at the airport who are either waiting for a flight or getting off one, the jiva enters this material world, boarding one body or preparing to get off the present one. Now in the mean time while “waiting” different passengers distract themselves differently, some choose to eat, some choose to talk with family and friends, some walk around to pass time, and some just sit in front of the flight schedule patiently waiting, and maybe a few people work on important things. In the same vein, when the living entity appears in the material world, he engages in all sorts of activities while in this present body while waiting for the next body or destination. The kind of activity the living entity engages in differs from person to person and in some way reflect various aspects of their consciousness.
More So, it is worthy of note that irrespective of the activity of the passengers at the waiting terminal or at the airport, it is almost rare to see a passenger in transit decide to just stay put and say “ok now I need to settle down here and continue with my life”. Why is this so? Simply because every passenger has a destination and getting there is the most important thing on their mind at any point in time. No passenger throws away their paid tickets and ditch their flights, no passenger boards a wrong flight in full consciousness. Similarly the living entity who knows that the Human form of life is meant for enquiry about the self doesn’t spend his/her time frivolously, because there is a destination in mind, or at least there should be, weather attaining heaven, paradise or returning back home back to Godhead.
The conscious jiva, or living entity who is a passenger in this material world should not settle here, just like the passenger in transit doesn’t settle until he/she reaches their destination. Having this mindset, the living entity is conscious of their choices, day in day out as they determine their resultant destination weather long or short term. Living entities on the level of anna maya, who exist just for feeding the tongue could be compared to those who pass their time eating while waiting for the next flight (body), in the same vein we can draw many extrapolations about all other categories of passengers in transit (living entities waiting to get out of this material world). The wifi that was open but inaccessible represents various spiritual organizations, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc, even though open for all they remain inaccessible to those who can’t connect due to lack of an approved password. This password needs to be given to you either by an airport staff or someone who has access to it. In the same vein, access to the inner meanings of the scriptures can only be revealed to you by someone who is self realized and has seen the truth. (BG 4:34). This person is no other than a Guru, Master, Teacher or spiritual guide. Withdrawing my thoughts and coming back to my external environment I notice my flight is about to board. I hurriedly grab my carryon bags and head to the counter. I hope when the time comes for us to move on to our real eternal destination we all are able to act rapidly and consciously.
Looking forward to your feedbacks.


2 Replies to “The living entity in Transit”

  1. Haribol Wow. Exactly! Nice points. Great insights here. Such a great writer and speaker you are! I enjoyed reading, as usual. May Krishna bless and always inspire you to keep up with this! And also keep up with that intake of min. 2L of water a day. That one is a good habbit to have. 😛 All the best!

    Jay Nityananda!

    Your servant

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