Father’s Day

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It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all yet another interesting blog today. I hope you all are faring well and having the best of summer time.

In the US and UK, yesterday was Father’s Day, I am not sure if it was in other parts of the world, nonetheless I’ll like to say Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there and all potential fathers too. My post today is dedicated to my Father. Of course, it would be impossible to describe his qualities in one post but I shall try to do justice to it. I learnt a lot from my Father growing up and till today, I am still learning from him. There is no doubt that as an adult I may very well have a difference in opinion from him, and there are times when I feel that maybe my way is the best, still I admire his insights. There are a couple of words I’ll like to use to describe him, however please note that these are just but a few of his qualities.

Visionary: I marvel at his foresight and ability to see way beyond the present situation at hand in many circumstances. Most especially as one who served as a pioneer in an International society, it is pertinent to have people who know how to lead, can lead and can motivate people to work towards a goal. The ability to show people what is possible even when the circumstances at the now may not be very favorable.

Pioneering/Entrepreneurial: Not once, not twice, I have seen my father go to places where he had no connection, whatsoever, knew no one, and yet built what we can call an empire in record time. Not many people can do this. Sometimes I imagine what would have been the outcome if he had directed all this talent into pure profit. However, he is more of a selfless visionary, whose sole desire is to see others grow, not caring much about himself. Not only can he create new things, he also can sustain existing projects and make them into successful enterprises. One of his many projects is the Food relief initiative he has running now for close to 14 years in Africa. This initiative distributes food to the needy 6 days a week, serving at least 400-500 plates of freshly prepared Vegetarian/Vegan meal.

Determination: Back in the early 90’s my Dad went to a foreign country far away from home trying to salvage the situation of a failed project. He took a huge Bank loan to help purchase the building for a Temple at the time when the Interest rate in that country was the highest in the world. Even his spiritual Mentor was shocked at his guts. Not only did he repay every single dime plus interest in time, he also made that project an outstanding example for others in the region. His skill and qualities would later give him recognition with the President of the country. (I have decided not to mention the name of the country for safety reasons).

Public Speaker/ Excellent Writer: If anyone knows me personally and feel that I have some skill in public speaking and if you appreciate my writing either through my blogs or my book, then you can be relieved to know that I probably got some of these skills from my Dad. Of course, over the years, I have also put in practice and time to sharpen whatever skill I have in public speaking, and I still do to this very day. My Dad can talk himself out of any situation and when he writes, he can convince anyone. In my younger years, I can remember talking myself out of some very sticky situations and all the while just trying to use my dad’s wits to dazzle those whom I spoke with. When we both sit to discuss philosophy, I can bet you it is a display of wits at its finest. In fact, we could very well have a reality show of us doing this.

Intelligence: This is one quality that I’ll say he has on both sides of the spectrum. Some people are book wise but not life smart, and others are life smart but not book savvy. He is comfortably both. He encouraged me to get my Bachelors and Master’s Degree, but he also made me realize that life was a school of its own and in that school, degrees didn’t really count. As a teenager, he will tell me “If you can convince me with enough reasons why you want to do something, trust me I’ll let you do it. However, if you can’t then sorry it is not happening.” So, imagine a 16-year-old boy trying to outdo his Father at the battle of wits whenever he wanted to do something he knew he might not get permission for. No doubt, many times I’ll lose but it helped me sharpen my intellect a lot, so much so that in front of my peers, I was an intellectual force to reckon with.

My dad was so much of an intellectual that he used to tell me when I was a teenager, “I need to keep my brain active all the time”. This was his reply whenever I told him to rest after working so hard. Then his Asian friend taught him Chess, and from that day on, my Dad found another intellectual leisure for his brain. I can proudly say, he taught me how to play Chess and watching us play against one another is a spectacle to behold.

Hard Working: Despite his very intellectual nature, my dad is never afraid to get his hands dirty to get a job done. He believes in putting in the work, to make things work. In fact, people can call me anything but Lazy. Lazy is one description my Dad and I will never be given. He walks his talk and I try to do same. If we say something, be rest assured that we can do it.

No – Nonsense: When it was time to play, my Dad was a good team player, but when it was time for business, he meant it. To this day, I come off as a bit too serious for people of my age bracket and even older folks notice that my demeanor is way beyond my age. This is not a show or something to claim I am too good, but qualities I got from my dad. In other words, I have learnt from him that one should try as much as possible to reduce time for bullsh*t. If it doesn’t add value to my life, to other people’s lives, or at least create some positive impact then you won’t see us there.

Some of you might be “woow” your father must be a “Demigod”, well even though he doesn’t see himself like that I must say he just like any Man, has his short comings. Now the beauty of his short comings is that; I see what I must do to NOT get those too. Thus, even in his short comings, he is still teaching me a lot. Happy Father’s Day Pa, I am still trying to figure out this thing called life, I am not where I want to be ultimately however I have come a long way, and you have helped.

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Racism; a skin disease.

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Today I felt I harp on a subject matter that has been a delicate one ever since Man knew what his body looked like, one that has divided us all and caused some of the most horrific events in the history of Man’s existence on this planet. It is none other than racism; or should I say “skin disease”. Why do I call it the “skin disease”? Well soon enough we will find out. Before I start out allow me to indulge you in a little incidence that happened recently on Facebook.

This was a couple of day’s right after the Royal Wedding and a Facebook friend of mine; let’s call him Mark (not his real name), had shared a picture of the couple. A friend of his, a woman according to her profile, commented saying the wedding was a waste of money etc. I replied asking if she felt the same about Kate’s wedding or was it just because a person of colour (Meghan) was involved? In the series of replies that will follow our discussion she said “All black people are so conscious about their body colour…” I responded by asking her if she had interviewed every single black person on this planet before coming to such a conclusion. Later on she said “it was her opinion” not something based on any facts. Need I mention here that when she made the statement categorizing all black people, my Facebook friend Mark, liked it but didn’t comment.

As the discussion went on and I started to call her out for making such a general statement about people of colour, Mark replies to one of my comments saying “hey we are not this body, so play nice”. For those who do not understand what that means; basically Mark and I share a similar faith of Vaishnavism and we as most spiritual groups too believe that; the body is just a vehicle to the soul. The soul is the real essence in the body and as such one should not become attached to the body, rather one should focus on liberating the soul. This is a philosophy I have learnt, and I have been practicing since I was a kid. So Mark telling me this was somewhat like preaching to the choir. What I found surprising was, why he didn’t say this to his friend when she made an outright statement about people of colour? Yet he somehow found it necessary to tell me; who was just asking the lady in question as to how she came to such a conclusion.

In reply to his statement I asked him, why he didn’t correct his friend and how come he kept quiet until I made my statement. I asked him if he just consciously omitted it or it was just his “body” taking sides. (Mark and the Lady both happen to be Caucasians). I tried to comment on the post but noticed it was taken down, I check and yes you guess right Mark had “unfriend” me on Facebook. It was both funny and sad at the same time. It was funny because Mark is a guy who is in his 60’s if I am not mistaken and to see someone so “mature” act like that was really funny, on the other hand it showed the state of mind of Mark. He would rather unfriend someone who pointed out a gross statement made about people of colour instead of correcting the person who made the statement. On the brighter side, I was happy as I had one less bias person to deal with, on the other hand I was sad as I wish I could have impacted him better to help him.

What do we draw from all of this? I am not here to tell you that racism exists, you already know that. If you don’t then, maybe you haven’t witnessed it and to this I say bless your heart or maybe you are transcendental to things of this nature. What I really want to bring to our attention is that even those who practice one of the most philosophical religions on this planet, with the highest dissertation of the temporary nature of the body, can still be racists. In other words, your religion doesn’t make you a good person. You make yourself good/bad by your conscious actions. If Mark, my Facebook friend who has been practicing a religion that preaches the superior nature of the Soul to the body, can still be bias about the body then we can all see that bodily identification is a real “Skin disease”. To see another living being as black, white, red, yellow etc., is to see poorly. Those who cannot see past the hair, complexion or shape of a person are those inflicted deeply with the skin disease of bodily identification.

If you are not comfortable in your own body then it is certain that you will try to find fault about the body of other people. However when one knows that the body is just a vehicle that carries the soul in this material world, then he comes to the level of real knowledge and real vision. Hellen Keller once said; actual disability is to have sight but lack vision. The same can be said about those of us who still judge, relate and associate with people based on their body. I don’t care if you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, etc. if you cannot get the basic idea that we are more than the physical body and as such making differences based on the body is a low mentality, then I think you might need to re-evaluate what you practice. People will hide behind many garbs to deceive others about their real stance but for how long can you do that.

Now reality flash: will racism stop? I don’t think so. For as far as we have a material body many people will continue to identify with it. At best we can help them see, but not let their nonsense become ours. Till next week do stay connected. Read, like, share and follow for more.

Marriage pt. 2

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I hope you all are faring well. It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all once again another interesting blog today. This is a continuation from last week’s blog.

The very mobile device, that replaced the landline telephone of many decades, was envisioned to be a device that would bridge the distance between couples who had to live separately continuously due to work. In as much as it has done some good, the same device has now become a third partner in many relationships. Many people spend more time with their phones than they do with their partners. In relationships where the mobile device hasn’t become the third partner, it has helped to find a third partner for spouse’s who are unfaithful. If we must succeed in our relationships then we must place first things first. We must see that if it has to work then it depends on us. We must be as accommodating as possible and as tolerant as we can be, as if we had a huge cash price to win at the end of every year we made it together. Of course this doesn’t mean we should be in an abusive relationship and turn deaf ears to advice asking us to seek help.

Truth be told, many relationships that end up been abusive could have been avoided, if only the people involved had paid attention to the signs. There are always signs from which we can tell how a relationship will be. We often choose not to pay attention to them. This is because in today’s society of constant cutthroat competition, many people want to get married just so that they can be off the single club. To many people, marriage is just an opportunity to show off our engagement rings or throw a lavish wedding party to impress people who we don’t even care about. Again, some people want to get married but very few actually want to stay married. I usually say this a lot and with each passing day, I am beginning to realize it even more.  When we look at the lives of women in the past and the kind of sacrifices they made for love or for a spouse, and then we look at what we have today, it is sad. No doubt, the same thing can be said of Men too. Chivalry is almost dead, and being gentlemanly is no longer a thing. Women were modest, bashful, and soft-spoken, sex was intimate and pure.

Today Men are weak, chivalry is seen as been less of a Man, and Men who actually are Gentlemen are seen as “too nice”. Women complain of a lack of real Men but also ignore these Men and run after low class Men because they seek “spontaneity” or even openly admit to liking Men who are “bad”. Thus we have a whole generation growing up and thinking it is cool to be bad. Soft-spoken and bashful women are seen as weak and loud bad mouthed women are seen as the epitome of women liberation. Sex is a game and the more partners you have, the more proficient you are at it. Men who refuse to make sexual advances as a sign of respect to women are seen by some women as “slow, weak, and less of a Man”, while Men who jump from one woman to another are described as “studs”. Women who are chaste and faithful to one partner are seen as boring and those who post the most explicit things about their bodies online are described as real and down to earth.

Professions that many of our grandparents would cringe at and keep their daughters (our mothers today) away from, are the same professions we as a generation are celebrating and even encouraging our daughters to go into. Men who earn a honest living doing legal jobs are described as low budget Men and those who engage in nefarious ways with shady deals, are praised as the real MVP. Men who save money for a better future and who believe in moderation and delayed gratification in other to build a secure future are not given a chance, because there are many big spenders in the club “making it rain”. The most heart-wrenching part of it all is that, the very few Men and Women who still believe in Love, hard work, commitment and decency are been ridiculed and many of them who lack the tough skin are slowly giving in to the modern day norm.

If marriages are failing today more than ever, we are the cause! We are responsible for all of it. If we have more single mothers and fathers today more than ever, we are the cause and we are responsible. If we have more divorce cases today than before, we are the cause and we are all responsible; Men and Women alike. The good part is we can also be the solution. We can gradually take back what we once had and reinstate it in a place of admiration. Couples with strong long lasting marriages should be idolized and be the ones we make trend on social media, not those who have no sense of decency whatsoever. Men of substance and good standing should be followed, not those who possess empty form and no substance. Women who know what it is to be a real woman and who stand by their husbands should be glorified and not those who swing from Man to Man as if there was a reward for it.

The solution is simple for those who are simple minded, and complex for those who are complex minded. If Love is important to both partners, then they will find a way to make it work even in our crazy world. When we want something we will find a way despite the odds and make a reason to continue, when we don’t then we will find an excuse despite the possibilities.

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Marriage pt. 1

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It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all another blog today, I hope you all had a relaxing weekend.

In the light of the Royal Wedding that took place on Saturday, I felt I should say a few words on the topic of Marriage. There is no doubt that this is one of the most powerful institutions in the human society, with a lot of power to heal and foster love and growth. However just like a double edge sword, it also has the power to foster hate and dire consequences when abused.

Love is a beautiful thing and of course many people will be in Love at some point in time of their life. While some may find Love early, others might have to wait a little longer, some may either not find it or choose not to, while a select few may decide to seek a higher sense of Love or connection with the Divine. Whatever the circumstances are that you find yourself in, if at any point in time you decide to dedicate your lifetime to one person in holy matrimony, then you are most welcome to join me today as we discuss about marriage. When two people are legally and formally recognized to be in union in a personal relationship, they are said to be married. There is a Million dollar industry built around this institution. From dresses, to cakes, to bridal makeovers, to bachelorettes, and event planning etc. many people can easily get swamped about the D-day, and even forget that there is a day right after.

If you happen to be a Royal like Prince Harry, then imagine how much more detail, effort, money, resources and time that will be put into planning your wedding. What you do not want to happen is to fail at the marriage, after spending so much of your time and resources in planning a wedding. Many a times, people succeed at mesmerizing the guests at the wedding but then go on to fail at the marriage. Don’t get me wrong, simple weddings fail too. The lavishness or simplicity of your wedding is NOT the determining factor of the longevity of your marriage. There are various reasons why many marriages fail; money, infidelity, sexual incompatibility/lack of it, communication breakdowns, just to mention a few. These factors are potentially lurking in every marriage if couples are not willing to go the extra mile to make the marriage work. We can easily get lost in the topic of marriage, however what most people fail to see is that there is a phase before the marriage; and if ignored it could spell trouble.

Courting or dating as it is commonly referred to nowadays, is an opportunity to study a prospective spouse. It is meant to provide the intending couple a pressure free time to actually get to know each other well beyond the make perfect look of a first date. While there is no definite period for courting or dating before moving to a more committed phase, in average many couples court/date for about 18-25 months before actually tying the knots. Of course there are many others who court/date for a lesser period of time and have gone on to have long lasting marriages, it is usually advised that intending couples should date longer so as to avoid making a life-long mistake from hasty decisions. Today courting has gone through a whole lot of transformation and it isn’t what it used to be in the past. There seems to be a lot more focus on the physical aspect of the relationship (not to say it is not important), than on the emotional and psychological aspect of it.

Ideally we should only marry once, and get it right the first time. Sadly, this is not the case for the majority who have to try at it a couple of times, before they can get it right (if they actually do). A common denominator that many marriages have today, which seems to be like a modern day plus, is the “escape clause” called divorce. In reality, this is more of a problem than it is of an escape route. Many marriages end at first fight just because people feel they have an option or that they deserve better. More like love at first sight and divorce at first fight. It is not wrong to want something good for yourself, and try to get it. It is also possible that no matter how long we date and try to know someone, there will always be some things we never saw coming. Nevertheless, I personally feel that Marriages today have lost that spark called “doing everything to make it work”. Sometimes I feel if couples at their wedding were told that if they could make the marriage work for 30 years, with as little quarrels as possible and absolutely no divorce that they would win a whooping sum of say $20 Million; many marriages would go pass the 30 year mark. Now some of you may argue that; “well it is not genuine then because they are just trying to win the money”.

The truth is that in such a scenario, many couples will become a lot more tolerant, selfless, and accommodating, because they know there is a lot of money at stake. What beats me hollow is that there seems to be nothing at stake now, hence no one wants to put in any of the mentioned attributes. Also in an era where “love” is a swipe away and hookups are on your palms, choosing a partner becomes as easy as looking at a picture or reading a bio. If we do not like we just swipe and move on, because we know there is another one. In previous years during the times of our grandparents, they had less technological advancement as compared to what we have and enjoy now.  Life was tough and many of our grandparent’s had to make extra efforts for the things we have so easily today. One would think that a positive growth in technology and science would have a directly proportional growth to relationships today. On the contrary, the relationship has been inversely proportional. As times pass and science makes more discoveries that makes life seemingly better, our relationships have suffered and strained more than they were in the past.

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Dear readers,

I hope you all are faring well. It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all yet another interesting blog today.

Yesterday was Mother’s day and many of us took our time to remember our Mother’s and pay homage to them. Should I decide to write about my Mother here, I guess I’ll have to make series upon series as one blog cannot do justice to her. Nevertheless I shall try to at least say a few words before linking up to our general topic of Mothers. My mum as I remember her when I was a kid, is a disciplinarian. She made it clear that first I was her child and then friend. Considering the times we live in now, I feel this aspect of motherhood is slowly being lost. I feel sad at some videos I see online, when I see the way some mothers are treated poorly.

My Mum made it clear to me that mediocrity wasn’t an option, you either go big or go home. In fact I remember her saying that whatever you do, good or bad, be the best at it. Not that she encouraged me to be bad, however her philosophy was “ If you are going to go down the bad road, knowing the consequences of your action then you better be the baddest that ever lived.” She made me see that excuses were for the weak, and weakness was not in my DNA, blood or family line. She stood tall herself and wasn’t the one to wait on help. My mum, a multi-talented woman also showed me that sometimes, success is not a one way road but a multi lane high way. I learnt to multi task, and maintain composure while doing so from her.

Though weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning! To many this is just a line in the Psalm, but to me it was an armor to go through life. Unlike the present day generation, my mum emphasized that to win I had to stand out, and standing out meant exactly that. She pointed out that getting on the treadmill of life wasn’t the issue, however remaining on it was the point. To this day, I never worry about those who get on that treadmill before me in whatever area of their lives, because I know one thing for sure; you can never out run me. It is either the “treadmill of life stops or I run till I can’t run anymore”. I wish I could blend in things about my dad here as he also has the tenacity in him, however I’ll just have to wait till Father’s day. To this day, all I do is to make sure that her effort in my life is not in vain. Just like my dad, my mum always urged me to be better. Don’t settle for less when you can be more!  Improve yourself! Work Hard and Pray! These were some of her words as I grew up.

Those who know her, will say she is like a lioness; Fearless, strong and won’t hesitate to take down an entire pride of lions if any of her kids were in harm’s way. Just like the queen on a chess board, she is extremely powerful. In fact so powerful that many people see her in me. I am the product of the very best I must say and this has its price. Naturally people expect more from me, I have tried to live up to that, until recently when I realized besides God, my spiritual mentor and my mum, I really don’t worry myself anymore about people’s opinion. I can also say Happy Mother’s Day to you.

That been said, we should also know that besides our biological Mothers we have six other Mothers; making them seven in total. The Queen, The Nurse, The Cow, The Earth, The Spiritual Mentor’s Wife, the wife of a priest and one’s real mother; these are the seven types of Mother’s we have. The Queen has the major role of looking after not only her King, but the entire nation as well. To this day, the special place of a Queen in any Kingdom has been emphasized time and time again. We see this power come to life in the game of Chess, where the Queen piece moves around the board, as she pleases without restriction. The Nurse is the mother who delivers us at the time of birth. She helps our real mothers to bring us into this world using her knowledge of child birth and delivery. She also assists our real mothers in taking care of us when we are very tender. The Cow’s place as our mothers, though seriously abused today by money making industries, still cannot be overlooked. She takes but a few blades of grass and gives a lot of milk in return. She is practically one animal whose milk all animals can live off from. Every part of her body is fully functional and even her bile products help fertilize our soils as manure.

Mother Earth as fondly called by many is a Mother we cannot ignore. She holds us up every day without complain, she provides us with food, herbs and various kinds of natural resources. She gives us gems and treasures in the form of precious stones and minerals. In fact her body flows with rivers and oceans that help sustain our lives. She nourishes all the other mothers who in turn nourish us, and thus is very sacred. The Wife of the Spiritual mentor or guide is also a mother, because she does a great service of looking after the spiritual guide who helps us in our spiritual growth. In other words she can also be our spiritual mentor.  The wife of a Priest is a mother and looks after not just the priest but everyone who comes to the priest for help. Her blessings and good wishes are just like those of the priest in our life.

Last but not least is our biological mother who gives us life and carries us for nine months in her womb. We cannot imagine how much pain and sacrifice she goes through just to see us grow and survive in life. Her service is selfless and pure. No one can repay her or be like her. Even gods revere her position and honour her existence. We all owe our mothers a life time of gratitude.

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Your Calling

Dear readers,

I hope you all are faring well. It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all yet another interesting blog today.

Today I’ll like to share with you all a very important topic; one that can be applied to those who are trying to pursue a career in spirituality or even for regular folks. It is none other than the subject of “higher calling”. We hear many priests and pastors especially, who say they were “called” by the Lord to begin a ministry. While some are genuine, many have also abused this statement and used it to amass personal monetary gain. The legitimacy of the calling is not our concern today, rather we will focus on what happens when you answer to your call.

Recently I watched a video on Facebook by a pastor who gave some interesting insight on the matter and I decided to develop on some of his points and share it for everyone who is in need of some clarity. A calling is like being “marked”. (This is the analogy that he used). When you are marked by God and he calls you to do his work, there is a different route carved out for you immediately. Those who answer to this call, are definitely going to face a lot of tribulations and also a lot of blessings. To access both of these, one has to answer the call first and foremost. Naturally one may ask “what does it entail or mean to answer the call from God to do something?” I can give you a philosophical explanation of how this works, however topics like this are better understood when we make them less esoteric. Thus I will rather give you examples to illustrate the importance of answering your call.

Let us imagine that Michael Jackson didn’t become a musician and rather went on to become a Doctor, Let us imagine Michael Jordan didn’t play Basketball and rather went on to sell Insurance, Let us imagine that Oprah Winfrey didn’t become a TV personality but went on to work in a call center. When you are done visualizing this, imagine the amount of lives these people have touched by the path they followed and what would have happened if they had not been there. In other words, when we answer to our calling, we align with God’s purpose for our lives and we walk in his mercy and grace, and this enables us to achieve the impossible. In the Bible, David is someone who answered to his calling and God walked with him. His life’s story is an example of what happens when we answer to our calling. However before we can be called, we have to be busy improving whatever talents the Lord has given us. Our talents must be improved upon on a daily basis. David would play the harp all day in the fields and at the time, one would think it was just a pastime, but when the time came for him to be called, this “pastime” which was actually a talent that he had polished, was what God used to bring him to the Palace. Many times we have talents that we do not use or nurture and wonder why we are not having breakthroughs. God wants to call us, but we are not ready.

When we do what God asks us to do, we will never have to seek permission, rather people will send for us, as David was sent for. He didn’t need connections or filling out resumes. We must also note that when David went to the palace, he went as a servant not as a leader, even though he was destined to be a leader.

On getting to the Palace, he continued to use his talent to serve but God wasn’t done with him. He had other plans for him. Now when we get called to follow our true calling, sometimes the initial stage might not truly reflect what the end will be; do not despair for you are a work in progress. God wasn’t done with David yet. Now, when the time came, David was asked to take food to the battle field for his brothers, he could have said no, but he saw this as an opportunity to serve. He went and he confronted Goliath and he was victorious. When we answer to God’s calling, sometimes we might have to do things which may seem beneath our “status”, do them anyway. For by doing these things as service, we constantly remember that we are on a call, and the Lord will definitely take us through the right route.  Sometimes God just wants to see if we have the humility to shoulder the responsibility of higher things. Our opportunities are wrapped in obedience.

Those who answer their own call and refuse to be deceived by another person’s call, actually walk in grace. When you are answering to your own call, you walk rather than run. This is because, God dictates your pace, he knows when you will arrive and has everything set up to make this happen. When we answer someone else’s call, we have to run behind them to play catch up, because it is not our call in the first place. The call process of the Lord is NOT going to make sense. No matter how much you try to understand it, it won’t fit into your grasp. We will wonder sometimes “well if God wants me to do so and so, then why isn’t this happening”. Well that is because he only needs your obedience.

If we ever get confused about what to do, then all we have to do is spend time in the presence of God and do the last thing he asked us to do. When we are answering to our real call (God’s call), we become an answer to a problem. To become an answer to problems, we need to sometimes go back and serve. When this happens we do not need any promotion or approval, because we are already approved by God. When we are called by God to follow our true calling, we torment what torments those who are our leaders. That means we become the solution to the problems that our leaders have, as such we naturally become leaders.

I hope this inspires someone to listen to their real calling. Till next week, do read, share and follow for more.

Lord, are you there?

Dear readers,

It is great to be here today, sharing with you all yet another interesting read on my blog. I hope you all are faring well.

This week, I’ll be sharing with you all a prayer. Once in a while, instead of a regular blog I do share prayers written in everyday words, expressing different sentiments. I hope this prayers touches someone’s heart and helps them make the right choices.

Dear Lord, are you there?

It is unlike me to speak with you in prayer by asking questions Lord, however today I come before you differently. As the omniscient one, you most definitely already know what I am about to say, nonetheless I’ll say it anyways. Let me start by saying Thank you! Something I guess I should say more often. Thank you for Life, good health, a roof over my head, food on my table, good education, exposure, resources and finance. I may take these things for granted, but I do know that they do not come by easy. I also want to thank you for those things you do, those things you have done, those things you are doing and those you are yet to do, for in good faith I receive all these blessings and I am forever indebted.

Every now and then Lord, I may whine and complain about how my life is not going the exact way I’ll like it to. Yes, sometimes I may even ask for more than I already have. Can you blame me? I am just another living entity feeling I am entitled to somethings. Please take no offense. If there is anything I have noticed over the years in my life Lord, it is that my journey is not one smooth ride but more of zig-zags filled with a lot of adventure, lessons and of course some fair share of pain. I guess it is the pain that makes me run in circles. I know kings are made in jungles and in times of war than in palaces and times of peace, however sometimes this warrior needs a break from the little battles so he can focus on the bigger war ahead.

Dear Lord, are you there?

Hallowed be they name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done… Lord I cringe at this part. I ask myself, am I really ready to have your will done? Most of these things are easier said than done, as I begin to see that I prefer the comfort of predictability than the discomfort of uncertainty. Saying that your will be done, is accepting anything and everything you throw at me, it means saying that you will remain my worshipful Lord even if you break my heart in pieces by not being present before me, or by handling me roughly in your embrace. I don’t know if I am ready for this. I’ll still prefer to have you before me whenever I want, and always gentle in your embrace. I don’t know if this is possible either.

With the material body comes pain, desires, and a lot of issues, managing them is the highlight of our existence and those who have this figured out are revered as teachers and masters in life. I have my daily dose of these lessons to learn, combined with my constant cry for grace and Love. I don’t know if you are sending it across or I am just not receiving it.  Either way, I don’t seem to get it. It is like I always fall short of your mercy. The wounds from my constant fight with material nature make it hard for me to concentrate. They say time is supposed to heal you, but I don’t think I have done much healing Lord. The only hope I have is that I know somewhere deep down inside that you won’t let me down.

Dear Lord, are you there?

Sometimes I want to have a peek into the future to see what I have laying ahead and how much more hurdles I have to surmount, sometimes I wish it was a lot more easier than this, sometimes I wish you didn’t pick me for the tough task, sometimes I wish I was just a regular guy, going about his normal life, but I guess there isn’t much glory in that. I do not want the glory Lord, and sometimes just like Jesus prayed on Mount Sinai, I also say “Lord if it is thy will, please may this cup pass over me”. The body I have can only take as much as my mind and heart can handle, but then I hear you never give more than we can handle. At this I just cringe, as It seems you trust me a lot to give me this much to deal with. I hope I don’t let you down and all those who count on me.

To be honest, there are times Lord when I just feel “that’s it, I’m done. I am not doing this anymore and I know you must have seen this a million times, but then somehow I just hold on a little longer. I am not saying it should be all easy and flowery, neither am I asking for too much. All I am saying is please show me where we are going with all of this. I need to know if we are on track or off. Just like you were the charioteer of Arjun, please take my chariot to the middle of the battle field of my life so I can see who/what I have to fight. I trust you will take me to that spot and show me everything clearly. I must warn you beforehand Lord, that just like Arjun in the Bhagavad-Gita, I am definitely going to have my own melt down and resist to fight. I know you won’t have to recite the Gita again to me, however please show me alternative strategies to winning this battle.

Thank you for listening to me Lord, I know you can understand the words I don’t say.

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Earth Day

Dear readers,

It is a pleasure to be here sharing with you all another exciting blog today. I hope you are faring well. Happy belated Earth day (I don’t know if one can say that lol).

Since yesterday was “Earth Day” I felt I do something in relation to that today. I do not know what the global connotation of Earth day is, however I can infer by the exhibition I saw yesterday, that it is a day set aside to celebrate our planet and see how to make it more sustainable. There is a continuous debate going on around the world, as to how our activities as human beings, are affecting the “health” of the planet and should we choose not to amend our ways, we might very well cause our own extinction.

I remember growing up as a kid (I’m an 80’s kid by the way), and I can hardly recollect having seen the amount of waste around as we have today. Not to say there was none, however today just beats the stats by a large gap. Plastic wasn’t really a thing, and milk still came in a glass bottle. We played outside till late and the streetlights coming on in the evening was the universal call to go home. We were not afraid to drink water straight from the tap, in fact that was a favorite pastime for many of us as kids, after we played soccer. Parents were not worried about the water having lead or some kind of poison. It was okay to hang out with friends of different background and when you got hit by a kid, especially among boys, you wrestled it out. No parent sued another because two boys were wrestling on the playground.

In school, the teacher was a second parent and had the right to discipline you and even report you to your parents; who in turn thanked them sincerely and made sure that you learnt whatever lesson you were meant to learn from the disciplinary action you received. Parents knew they needed the teachers and the teachers vice versa. The neighbors could chastise you if they saw you acting out of order and they expected your parents to do same to their kids, if the need arose. Everyone knew that it took a village to raise a kid, and so together, we all made it better and easier. Today you can’t even correct kids in a class without receiving threats of legal action from their parents or guardians. Do not even think about corporal punishments, you might never get out of jail for that if you tried it. *Disclaimer* I do not in any way advocate, physically abusing kids.

I got my behind spanked as a kid, and I didn’t die from it. Did it make me a better person as compared to those who weren’t? I don’t know. However I do know that it made me understand that there were boundaries never to be crossed when dealing with elders, parents and adults. Today, I see kids fighting and even beating up their teachers and I cringe at the thought. As a kid, we never even thought of that in our dreams, because we knew the consequences were dire and instantaneous. Back in the days, we could walk into people’s yard and pluck fruits off their trees, eat it and walk away. The worse that happened was we were asked to pick up leaves we knocked off the tree, while trying to get the fruits. A few days ago, I saw on the news, a young black boy gets shot at (luckily it missed him though), because he knocked at a door asking for directions. I just cannot get it. What happened to people being kind? Growing up, if a kid showed up at your door asking for directions to his school, most folks back then would drive you to school and made sure you were safe, NOT pull out a shotgun and try to blow your brains out.

To imagine that this happened to a kid, while his father is actively deployed to Syria, serving the nation, makes me wonder to what good is all this war mongering? Who benefits from these wars, who suffers the effects, we all know is large disparity. When we went shopping back in the days, everything was organic, at least as far as I can remember. To be honest, that word “organic” didn’t exist, because it was just unheard off that some kind of “food” were filled with chemicals and others weren’t. We could take an apple and eat it right off tree, without having to soak it in Soda to reduce pesticides, after probably having washed it a gazillion times. We have succeeded in tripling or even quadrupling our food production by using chemicals, yet the planet still suffers from famine and food shortage, and more people are dying from cancer from these chemicals. So what have we achieved? Food meant for humans is been fed to animals, animals are raised in horrific conditions just to be on someone’s plate, and our health is worse than ever. Where are we headed?

If this planet was a bus, many of us would alight already and discontinue the journey, sadly we cannot. The government instead of saving the lives of its citizens, is rather teaming up with greedy corporations and poisoning food and water, because the alternative is expensive and that is where the business starts. As kids we would dance in the rain and play rain soccer, till we were covered in dirt. Our immune system grew stronger because we were not over protected from the elements or dirt. Today, it is illegal to collect rain water, how did we go from playing in the rain to not being able to collect rain water? I can go on and on telling you about how our dear earth had changed, how the ice at the poles are melting and images of Polar bears, looking skinny are circulating the internet. I could tell you also about how the temperatures are now insane and how the seasons no longer follow the months. I can tell you how it is almost May and it is still snowing in most states, yet people feel global warming is a hoax.

In a nut shell, whatever you do, whatever you eat, or whatever activities you perform, know for certain that it is having an impact on this planet and even if you escape the long term effects, your kids and grand kids probably won’t. Be safe, be conscious, be Eco-friendly.

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Get out of your own way!

Dear readers,

I hope you all are faring well. Last week was filled with lots of activities for me and I must say I discovered myself in a new way.

There is no gain saying that I try my best to excel at whatever I do and I am of the opinion that whatever you put your mind in, you can do well. It has also been difficult for me to understand how people cannot get somethings done, UNTIL yesterday when for the first time in my life I “froze”. Those who know me might find this strange and so do I. So how did this all happen?

I have been an avid lover of things related to the arts; singing, dancing, composing songs, writing poems, acting, playing instruments etc. Some of these I have as innate abilities and others I have developed over the years. I am not a professional of any kind however I do my best to perform at a level above average in whatever I undertake. Having said that, I also have had issues in believing that someone could “freeze” doing something they like doing. In fact, I laugh at movie characters who get tongue tied at a speech or who find it difficult to do something “simple”. I guess nature was just waiting for the best time to teach me a very vital lesson. This blog is clearly not what I intended to share today, however the experience was just too real to not share.

In a gathering of say 15 people last night I was invited to sing, something I do every time without qualms and I enjoy doing it. I had just finished playing the drum and took the harmonium and started to sing, when I noticed my fingers and hands were all shaky. I couldn’t believe it. I sing every day and I have never had such an experience. I pulled myself together and somehow went through the session but my composure was totally off. Somewhere in between, I pumped the harmonium louder and sort of hid my apprehension in the high sound. It worked for a while, but a tune I knew so well, failed me. I was not only embarrassed but humbled beyond words. In that moment I began to imagine how hard it must have been for so many people who had to keep up with me at things they weren’t good at, and I had no idea. I began to see how it felt like to experience such temporary shock. Interestingly I have done singing sessions in front of hundreds of people for hours, and never had an issue, so what happened?

After thinking for some time, I could identify a few things; first and foremost I was too concerned about the outcome of my singing, as it was in front of a relatively new crowd. I was yet to connect with my audience on a more friendly term, and as such I was nervous. Yes, I said it, even I get nervous too. Second, which is probably the most important factor, is that I was standing in my own way. I was in my head telling myself, how people were watching me, how everyone wanted to see how well I could sing, I was literally breathing down my own neck, as such I was slowing myself down. In flashback, I just wonder why I was so disturbed over nothing. Did this experience disturb me? Yes it did. Am I going to try again? Definitely! What if it happens again? Then it means there is something I need to work on. If there is an anxiety, it means there is fear, if there is fear then naturally there is ignorance. Fear is born of ignorance. So what I need to figure out is what am I ignorant of, that is creating this fear in me that suddenly shuts me down while I do something I love doing?

The moment I can identify this, then there is a chance I can solve my sudden freeze and fear. One crucial point to note is that, even the audience was not as disturbed as I was. So there it is; I had created an expectation in my head, and because I was unable to meet that expectation, I had difficulty accepting the fact that I was consciously standing in my own way. No one was booing me to stop, no one laughed, no one even criticized me, and I was fighting demons I had created in my own head. The beautiful thing is that, these demons are only as strong as I allow them to be. If I continue to feed them, which is what they want, then they grow powerful. If I refuse to feed them with doubt and fear, then they die naturally.  In life we all, will face moments like I faced yesterday at one point in time or the other. In some cases, it will be due to genuine lack of expertise, in other cases, it will be due to our own internal dialogue. Whichever the case may be, we need to get out of our own way and give ourselves a chance. I know if I have to do this right, then I have to do it again, and focus on what I am doing rather than what my mind is telling me.

I know it is easier said than done, however the only way to improve, is to try. The Master is just a student who has failed so many times and has refused to quit. Failure is good, because it makes you humble, gives you instant feedback, and allows you room for progress. Success, sometimes doesn’t teach us as much as failure. So last night I didn’t do well, it means I am one step closer to doing it right. This should be our mindset and we will definitely achieve a lot more success in any aspect of our lives. I have no idea what will happen the next time I try to sing in front of the same “unfamiliar” audience, but I know for sure, I am not going to chicken out.

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